Ivy (lockexenocide) wrote in ridrama,

I figured I'd try this out. What the hell. It may be very inactive, but maybe I can spice things up?

My name is Ivy, I'm a junior (soon to be senior) at Classical High School. I was an actor one semester Sophomore year, didn't like it much, and so I joined the light crew this past semester. (Go techies!)

I've never been to a Drama Festival. =(

I am absolutely in love with my Theatre Company and everyone involved in it. It has seriously changed my life. It's going to be so different without all of my lovely Seniors there next year, but, life goes on.

Do any of your directors know which plays you'll be doing next year? And what plays have you done?

This year we were supposed to go to the Drama Festival with The Good Doctor, but we forgot to sign up, I suppose. Second semester we did a Musical Revue of Wicked, West Side Story, and A Chorus Line, and it was fabulous (though the rehersals and the preparation was a bitch and a half).

I believe we're thinking about A Midsummer Night's Dream for next year, but I don't think the actors are very fond of the idea.

Your turn!
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